What we do

Our Mission is to help women set/achieve personal goals and develop self motivation.  We are utilizing our online platform to speak to women through podcasting and connecting with our CONFIDENCE conferences.

The Unique Motivator

Monique Lydia

Through personal experience Monique has overcome personal trauma, abuse, addiction, life-death experiences, divorce, anxiety, depression and MANY MANY other shocking experiences; Monique uses that pain to  inspire people to prevail against the odds.  This type of motivation is a lifetime of tools that Monique has picked up along the way and utilized through her darkest hours to help her manifest and attract the most positive experiences and achieve goals.  Monique has been the human experiment and wants to work with women to get to your next level as you are part of her journey to accomplishing her life goal of becoming a Motivational leader.  


Business Partner

Keefe Wright

Speaker Keefe Wright continuously contributes his business skills, ideas and creativity to Radiate Motivate.  Keefe has turned this vision to reality by structuring the company, raising donations as well as work with Monique to help develop her skills.  Radiate Motivate plans to roll out Male Confidence Conferences by Spring 2020 where Keefe will be hosting and inspiring in the community.