Patricia, CA

Monique my beautiful Goddaughter,

You Inspired in so many ways, you've been through so many tough times and challenges that you've overcame and managed to pick yourself up.  You have volunteered your time to help women with your children and you had a dream of helping other women and now your dream is coming true and I am so proud of you. When I found out my cancer was terminal you didn't hesitate to come down to help me, then we decided you should move in.  That meant the world to me, I feel you were God sent at just the right time.  Words can't express how much you've supported me and helped me stay positive everyday.  From the beginning of the day when you greet me with a "Good Morning Nina" and a smile, to listening and talking with me.  There were many times I was feeling down (and didn't want to show it) and you come sit on my bed next thing you know is we are joking around and laughing reminiscing.  From the times when you helped me pick out clothes because I lost a lot of weight to helping me blow dry my hair (because I couldn't do it anymore) you always make me feel special about myself.  Having Cancer has brought depression but you helped me battle it and supported me every step of the way.  I love and admire and thank you for all you've done for me      - Nina

Kylene, AZ


"My mother, Monique Valdez,  has been such a light in my life.  She motivated me to do what I love no matter what.  She influences me to do what is best and that is all I can ask of her.  I love her so much and couldn't ask for a better mother.

Jordan, AZ

 “I never realized how truly negative I was until Monique was brought into my life.  I was always happy with the person I was, but Monique made me want to be a better and stronger woman.  She has given me strength where I thought I would never have any, she is the definition of inspiring.  I don't think Monique could ever understand how grateful I am for her and how blessed my life has become simply because she is apart of it.  Everyday spent with her is a new lesson!  A new blessing! I love this woman all that I am and all that she has helped me become”.

Lisa, AZ

  “Since the first day I met Monique I saw this light in her.  I knew she was suppose to be in my life.  Monique's amazing personality and positive vibes have always uplifted my spirit.  I could not imagine my life without such an amazing enthusiastic and beautiful soul”. 

Melissa, AZ

   "Monique is a constant beacon of inspiration and positive. Her light shines from within and is one of the only people that I can trust to not be judgmental of any crazy notion I may have but simply tell me what’s what and be supportive and cheer me on. She has gone out of her way to motivate me and encourage me to be true to myself and live my truth and grow into my best self. She is blessing and a warrior for what she believes in and I treasure her friendship, honesty and positive influence in my life”    

Cecilia, CA

 “Being on a weight loss journey I constantly struggle to stay positive and motivated.  Being able to reach out to Monique is priceless, she is able to center me ground me and remind me of all the positive around me to keep going”.  

John, IA

 “I have found that as I get older I'm not always in a good frame of mind.  Monique always seem to say the right things to get me positive gain.  For this she is a friend and role model for others”. 

Lila, AZ

“Monique is like an angel, full of positive energy and has demonstrated commitment to help others in so many ways.  She is an amazing mother and great friend to so many, her charismatic personality draws people to her, I feel so blessed to know her”.

Karen, AZ

  “Monique has inspired me since the first day I met her at school.  She has inspired me positively to be a better mom and better person.  She has taught me that even in our darkest moments there's always a helping hand and Monique has been that helping hand, that is always willing to listen and support me.  I appreciate all that she has done for me as a person, without her advice and moral support I don't know where I would be”.  

Tehani, AZ

“Where do I even start? Monique inspires me, motivates me, and influences my, life in all the best ways possible! She is always so positive and up beat it really changes my not so great days into better days. Monique is an inspiration because you lead by example 100% of the time. Monique gives anything and everything she has so selflessly to anyone in need. Monique is a great friend, motivator and at one time my boss

Debbie, AZ

 “Monique just you and your smile and the radiance and light that you put off makes you feel loved and encouragement.  Just to be in Monique’s presences makes you feel more alive.  Just when you think you have hit rock bottom you get around to Monique and see life better and more clearly.  The light and positivity she gives out every moment of everyday.  Monique makes you want to live life to the fullest and makes you feel like you want to be the best person you can be”.

Carlos, AZ

   “Monique has always been a positive person no matter how hard life kicked her in the ass and that is just inspiring.  Monique has always been there for me no matter what and I love her for that”.  

Angela, AZ

  “Many years ago Monique’s empathy touched me when I needed it the most.  After my 1st of 3 miscarriages, without many words, her gesture of gifting me a book that focused on helping to heal after losing a baby, helped me process the experience during that difficult time.  I referred to the book in my thoughts many times in those difficult times and eventually passed the book along to a friend who found it helpful as well.  Although we don't keep in touch regularly, I feel grateful that her kind gesture of love helped motivate me to cope with feelings of loss and to move forward with hope”. 

Sierra, AZ

 "Monique has been a light in my life since the day I met her. We met a few years back at my very first job. she had always made me feel wanted and like I had a home away from home. She shared her knowledge, her pain, her raw love and compassion to help guide me through my adolescence. I will always be grateful for that. She conveys deep empathy and a light for the future, I hope there are more like her". 

Scott, AZ

 “Just meeting Monique the first time when she booked my acoustic show at the bar she managed for one of my bands filled me with warmth.  I was at ease  instantly for my performance to be in her presences can make anyone leave you wanting more of her in your life.  She is sweet to be around and she exudes class with positive energy that stays with her”. 

Jessica, AZ

 "I met Monique in one the darkest times in my life. Monique showed me that I could live a life full of endless possibilities simply by believing in my own power as a woman. The experiences and lessons I have learned through her guidance, I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you for showing me how to believe in myself while being a constant radiating light in my time of darkness ❤️ 

Eliza, TX

 "You are a continuous light, no matter whats been thrown our way.   Knowing I have you in my corner always just seems to just work out, sometimes that little pep talk to tell me to pick up my crown and see the fierceness inside has given me everything! Watching you grow and share your light is everything!  

Kristin, AZ

“Monique has definitely inspired to think positively, focus on the good and the things I wanted and how to manifest them into my life by believing I already have them.  Her positive vibes are contagious”. 

Jennifer, CA

 “After 9/11 there were days when it was very hard for me to get to work. Monique’s bright smile and inspiring words encouraged me to find the light in everyday things. Monique has helped me be there for others by modeling how important it is to be present in an unpredictable world” 

Jessica, CA

“I really enjoy reading Monique’s posts because they are so positive and inspiring to me.  It helps me understand my emotions and think about things differently.  We need more people like Monique in our messed up world.  Monique’s positive light is strong.   I can see it thank you for all your good and helpful advice”.

Christine, AZ

"The first time I met Monique, I was in a confused place, but she talked to me and brought clarity to the situation just by listening and giving insight.  I will never forget that. Thank you"

Cory, AZ

 “Monique is awesome and her positivity is contagious”. 

Randi, IA

"Every time I feel like I start to go to a dark place, I know Monique is the light. I know I can reach to her for the words and the strength to pull me up again. I couldn’t or anyone couldn’t be more blessed to have someone like Monique as friend or their guide". 

Astrid, AZ

“Monique has been my nightlight ever since she first came into my life. She has help guide me through many situations that I could not fathom. Her words of encouragement and knowledge help positively influence my life. Monique has truly inspired me to think more on the positive side of life”   

Linda, AZ

 “Monique has inspired me in many ways to move on and don't stop when things go bad in your life...meditate to cleanse the soul, forget the bad and praise the good in your life”. 


  “I was planning on giving up on my 35 year career, that I absolutely love.  Monique didn't know what was happening, but she made me realize im doing what I need and love to do...thank you”. 

Sonja, AZ

 Monique is a motivated, passionate, energetic, and lover of life & all people.  Using life's early challenges to pave a path to support others to be amazing.💕💕 

Kristin, AZ

 “Monique has definitely inspired to think positively, focus on the good and the things I wanted and how to manifest them into my life by believing I already have them.  Her positive vibes are contagious”. 

Rachel, OR

 “I appreciate how nice Monique has always been to me, she is a true friend”. 

Cassidy AZ

 “Monique is beautiful and her kind energy is so strong, she is such a easy woman to open up too and be anyone’s friend.  Her light shines within a crowded room”.

Gilbert AZ:

“When I first met Monique we both started our first semester of college.  2 years later she is graduating with her degree.  A full time mom, student, employee has shown me that if she can do it so can I.  Now I am a semester away from getting my associates degree, I appreciate the inspiration”.